Explorations in Basic Biology (12th Edition) by Stanley E Gunstream

Explorations in Basic Biology (12th Edition)

Book Title: Explorations in Basic Biology (12th Edition)

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: 0321722949

Author: Stanley E Gunstream

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Stanley E Gunstream with Explorations in Basic Biology (12th Edition)

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Explorations in Basic Biology is a self-contained laboratory manual designed for one- or two-semester introductory biology courses for non-biology and mixed biology majors. The exercises are appropriate for three-hour laboratory sessions, but are also adaptable to a two-hour laboratory format.


Ideal for students with little hands-on science laboratory experience, this student-friendly text provides clear background information and directions for conducting laboratory activities. Students not only learn basic biological information but also gain experience practicing laboratory techniques.


The Twelfth Edition has been updated with new content, including several new or modified figures and procedures that have been clarified wherever necessary to facilitate student learning, a new Appendix, and guidelines for writing a scientific paper. Several exercises also feature significant improvements.