MiniScript Shorthand by Leonard Levin

MiniScript Shorthand

Book Title: MiniScript Shorthand

Publisher: Legend Publishing

ISBN: 1893726118

Author: Leonard Levin

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Leonard Levin with MiniScript Shorthand

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Existing shorthand systems (Gregg, Pitman, Teeline) provide non-alphabetical symbols or outlines to increase the writing speed. A number of writing strokes is significantly reduced and a high speed can be attained. However, a great deal of time must be spent on memorization and retention is difficult if you decide to use Gregg, Pitman, Teeline and similar methods.

On the other hand, speedwriting methods use alphabet letters and are easier to learn. But they require two or three strokes to write a standard letter and can not match a writing speed attainable by non-alphabetical shorthand.

The MiniScript system is designed to simplify learning and provide a high writing speed comparable to symbol-based shorthand and is non-alphabetical version of the EasyScript method. EasyScript was introduced in 1990 and has become a viable alternative in the United States and worldwide for those who prefer to utilize a speed writing method.

MiniScript employs: a) a proven and popular EasyScript alphabet-based abbreviation methodology that reduces considerably the memorization volume by using a small set of abbreviating rules and b) writing abbreviations with special symbols to attain writing speeds comparable to non-alphabetical shorthand. Applying MiniScript you will need to remember only a list of 9 special symbols representing English alphabet.

EasyScript book is not required to study MiniScript.

A demo of EasyScript is available at our website.